My Feedly Experience

Today, I tried Feedly for the very first time. And while I may have been a bit confused in the beginning, I quickly learned that this resource will help me quite a bit in looking for resources related to Education and specifically, Education and Technology.

First, I tried to look at the Google Keyword Alerts, but quickly realized that it was a paid feature so I decided to stick with looking for Publications and Blogs.

The first thing I typed into the search bar was “edtech”, but unfortunately no results popped up. I tried a different approach, and typed in “Educational Technology”, and boy was I met with a LOT of results!

I followed every blog on the first page that was relevant to the topic of educational technology, because I want to be able to have a variety of different things to look at and choose from. One blog that stood out to me was “Educational Technology and Mobile Learning”, because it was the only one which specified mobile learning which I thought was interesting. The blog has several different categories, covering everything from iPad apps to 3D printing and educational blog resources. The blog itself really is a compilation of resources for teachers which I am glad I found, because I can return to it again and again.

I can see how Feedly and other RSS readers can help us educators to find resources which otherwise might be difficult to find. I’m excited to be able to use this resource to find other resources, and keep myself in the loop in terms of Ed Tech, and really whatever else sparks my interest!


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