Learning ASL – Everyday Signs and Verbs

This week on my ASL journey I continued on with the signlanguage101.com videos. This week’s video was Lesson #3, Everyday Signs and Common Phrases.

via YouTube

I watched along with the video, and practiced until I felt I had it down pretty good!

I stopped after the Everyday Signs, because I was starting to feel a little bored and constricted in my choice of videos. The videos are great, but learning from multiple resources really helps me to keep my focus on a topic. I scrolled on the sidebar of the video, and found one titled “First 100 Verbs in ASL with captions”. I remembered back to high school French class when, at the beginning of each semester we would go over a large verb list, which really helped us. I decided this would be pretty similar and clicked the video.

via Youtube

The video is pretty straightforward and jumps right into the verbs with no extra or added instruction. It was set at a good pace and I felt like I could really sign along with the video.

I was really excited about the progress that I was making, and decided to keep searching for more resources on Twitter. The first one that I found was called Sign Language Blitz, which has it’s own blog and a website with what appears to be lessons that looks super user-friendly.

I was really excited to try this resource out, but unfortunately it is still a work in progress for the developers, so I will just have to wait until it is completed.

After Sign Language Blitz, I found something called Signing Savvy, which also has its own website. The website operates kind of like an online dictionary, and although it’s a lot less user-friendly than Sign Language Blitz, can definitely be a useful online tool!

Check out my blog, or follow me on Twitter to see me move on next week to the second half of Lesson #3, Common Phrases, and the “100 Adjectives” video by the South Dakota School for the Deaf. 


2 thoughts on “Learning ASL – Everyday Signs and Verbs

  1. Ms.Sydney McGrath

    Awesome work Kali! Your progress throughout your learning project has been tremendous! I love how you have the confidence to videotape yourself! I always wanted to learn ASL and after scrolling through your blogs I want to learn it that much more!


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