All teaching, all learning

This semester, we were asked to comment on the posts of our classmates, whether it be on Twitter, the Google Community or on our blogs.

The purpose of this is help each other through the use of technology by commenting and giving our honest feedback and commentary on what our classmates were doing.

Here are just a few on the conversations I had, comments I made, and comments made on my own posts by others throughout the semester.



On Twitter:

On the Google Community:

A huge thank-you to everyone who gave feedback or made comments on my posts this semester! You all rock!!

Here is a video of all of the contributions I made to other students’ posts, featuring an unfortunate (but free!) watermark:

These conversations helped me grow as a student and educator by pushing my thinking further. I was able to do this for others as well by giving feedback and asking questions, and in a way we formed our own little Professional Learning Network. Luckily enough, the internet doesn’t end after this semester, so our PLN can continue to learn and grow together as we develop professionally.


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